Endorsing Julie Combs for Santa Rosa City Council 2016:

Elected and Appointed Officials:

Mike Thompson, Member of Congress
Jared Huffman, Member of Congress
Lynn Woolsey, Member of Congress (Ret.)
Mike McGuire, State Senator
Noreen Evans, former State Senator
Michael Allen, former State Assemblymember
Mariko Yamada, former State Assemblymember
Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Supervisor
Ernie Carpenter, former Sonoma County Supervisor
Herman G. Hernandez, Sonoma County Office of Education Trustee
Chris Coursey, Santa Rosa Councilmember
Gary Wysocky, Santa Rosa Councilmember
Laurie Gallian, Sonoma Mayor
Sarah Glade Gurney, Sebastopol Mayor
Una Glass, Sebastopol Vice Mayor
Robert Jacob, Sebastopol Councilmember
Deb Fudge, Windsor Town Councilmember
Lee Pierce, former SR City Councilmember
Steve Rabinowitsh, former SR City Councilmember
Marsha Vas Dupre, former SR Councilmember
Pat Gilardi, former Cotati Councilmember
Dorothy Battenfeld, SRJC Trustee
Maggie Fishman, SRJC Trustee
Laura Gonzalez, Santa Rosa School Board
Larry Haenel, Santa Rosa School Board
Jenni Klose, Santa Rosa School Board
Ed Gilardi, Cotati-RP School Board
Caroline Bañuelos, Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force, Chair
Cherie Maria Barnett, SR Community Advisory Board
Tim Carnahan, SR Community Advisory Bd.
Lacinda Moore, SR Community Advisory Bd.
Chris Rogers, SR Community Advisory Bd.
Logan Pitts, SR Measure “O” Oversight Committee
Richard Dowd, SR Board of Public Utilities
Jack Tibbetts, SR Board of Public Utilities
Mary Watts, SR Board of Public Utilities
Linda Adrain, United Parks Legal Defense Fund
Elizabeth Basile, Former President of Santa Rosa Democratic Club
Marty Bennett, SSU Professor
Charles Evans, Former SR Planning Commissioner and Housing Authority Director
Jennielynn Holmes, Catholic Charities Director of Shelter and Housing
Sue Markland Day, Oakmont Democratic Club
Barbara Moulton, Citizens Climate Lobby, SR Chapter
Allen Thomas, West End Neighborhood Association President